Thursday, December 24, 2009

Free Clothes and Accessories

Free Posh Bomb Shirt

Free sample of posh bomb shirt. Just click here to receive a free sample product. (Availability: International)

Free Izze T-shirt

Free Izze T-Shirt when you create a message and send it to 20 friends. Click here. (Availability: US) 

Free Tranquility Gloves

 Get a FREE sample pack of Tranquility gloves. Also show a picture of you wearing them, could get you $1000.00. Click here. (Availability: International) 

Free Snuggie Blanket

Try out the all-new Snuggie blanket for free. Sign up here. (Availability: US, Canada)

Free Life Fitter Shirt

Sign up with e-mail and name on one of the sports listed and recieve a free t-shirt top. Click here.

Free Kidzooka Wristband

Register today and receive 2 free wrist bands ~ one for you and one for your BFF. Register here. (Availability: US)

Free Fit Together Bracelet

By filling out the survey, you qualify for a FREE Commit to be FitTogether bracelet (see graphic above)! Don't forget to include your name and address so we can mail you your FitTogether bracelet. Click here.


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